More than 60 parents attended a Parent Engagement Meeting on December 2nd, put on by the Identity-run Wellness Center at Wheaton High School.

Councilmember Nancy Navarro encouraged our Latino parents to engage with local government and voice their concerns about issues they care about.  The parents shared a statement saying, “We want our children to have opportunities to learn and to have access to recreation. We want them to be safe from discrimination, bullying, and violence. We want them to be prepared to work, become professionals, and raise families of their own.”

The parents expressed their gratitude to Navarro and the County Council for their support for the newly opened Wellness Center and high school.

Parents were also anxious to hear from speaker Celia Rivas, a Senior Paralegal from Catholic Charities, who shared what is and isn’t known by local legal experts about the president-elect’s plans regarding immigration. Rivas also shared resources for information and immigration advice in the coming weeks and months.