Over two hundred students and their families gathered at Neelsville Middle School on Tuesday, May 30th, to celebrate the end of the year, the end of an era and their remarkable accomplishments.  Many of the students, who have participated in Identity’s after-school enrichment programs since 6th grade, are saying goodbye to middle school and attending high school in the fall, armed with a solid foundation of social and emotional skills and big academic gains.

“After-school programs create a safe space for learning and growing and they make an impact,” says Identity Program Manager Ana Dudamel, “the data proves it and you can see it. I could not be prouder of their success.”

Former State’s Attorney and Identity Board Member Victor Del Pino challenged the young people to continue to excel in school and college, saying, “You owe it to yourself to challenge yourself.”

The celebration would not be complete without a chance for the Neelsville, Forest Oak and Montgomery Village students to entertain their families and friends, which they did with inspiring dance numbers and a song.  These hard-working Latino teens have a lot to celebrate.  They are rising to 9th grade with an academic foundation to help reach their highest potential.