Featured on My MC Media, the Watkins Mill High School Wellness Center and the 480 Club organized a free Spring Break Sports Camp for 100 students, with a special emphasis on those transitioning in just a few months from elementary to middle school or from middle to high school.   Having grown up in the community, the camp counselors and high school volunteers were especially motivated to create an experience they wish they’d had, complete with football, basketball, soccer, motivational speakers, life advice and a lot of great food.  Chicago Bears defensive end Howard Jones challenged the students to make good decisions and set ambitious goals in and after school. And we hope we modeled teamwork for the students, with partners that show what can happen when every “player” brings their gifts to the team.  Special thanks to Montgomery Village Foundation, Manna Food, Burness, MVMS, WMHS, WMES, MVSA, Above & Beyond, Upcounty Regional Services Center NEMF grant, Sams Club, Subway Goshen Plaza, a dozen community volunteers and 10 high school volunteers.

Click the link below to see Montgomery Village and Gaithersburg students wrapping up Spring Break.