Students from Thomas W. Pyle Middle School in Montgomery County prepared a mountain of snacks in individual bags for their fellow middle school students in Identity’s after-school program at Neelsville Middle School, leaving a special message on each of the nearly 600 bags.  They wrote words of encouragement like “Time to Fly”, “You’re brighter than the stars”, riddles like “What do you call two math friends?  Answer: Algebros”, and friendly greetings.  On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Pyle MS holds a Community Day, where every department runs a project, and the Math teachers organized this activity as a gift from one group of middle schoolers to another.

Identity’s 21st Century Community Learning Center at Neelsville Middle School focuses on math and reading, and aims to increase students’ connection to school and leadership and social-emotional skills.  Now they will get an extra boost each day, not only from the snacks but from the thoughtful notes and decorations.