Identity youth shared their emotional and very personal stories of migration with Georgetown University’s Collaborative on Global Children’s Issues as the Collaborative launches a series discussions around Innovating Protection for Children, before, during and after the migration experience. The three-part series investigates solutions to help children at risk in their home countries, the harrowing journey of children on the move, and how to protect them after they try to build a new life in the United States.

Identity worked with Imagination Stage’s Theatre for Change program to create oral histories of a small group of recent arrivals. Listen to their stories here (from March 30 webinar): In Their Own Words and here (from April 22 webinar): In Their Own Words: The Journey (the stories are narrated by actors to protect the newcomers’ identities). The first discussion was held live on March 30. Identity’s Executive Director, Diego Uriburu, will join the final panel on May 4, Innovating Protection for Migrant and Asylum-Seeking Children in U.S. Communities.

Information on the March 30 discussion:
Innovating Protection for Children at Risk in the Americas (

Information on the April 22 discussion:
Innovating Protection for Children on the Move Across the Americas (