21cclc-logoThe Maryland State Department of Education has approved Identity for a second year of grant funding for its 21st Century Community Learning Centers located at Forest Oak, Montgomery Village, and Neelsville Middle Schools.

The two grants were awarded in 2014 (Montgomery Village and Neelsville Middle Schools) and 2015 (Forest Oak Middle School), and seek to improve academic, social, and emotional outcomes of Latino students at these schools.

The programs use Positive Youth Development theoretical constructs that incorporate dynamic, interactive and engaging activities four-days per week at each school. In year one, a cohort of 6th grade students were enrolled in the program, and the second year award assures that the students will be followed through 7th, and then 8th, grades.

The programs provide opportunities for youth to develop cognitively (math, STEM, and reading supports), emotionally (life and social skill-building activities, counseling support, SSL opportunities), and physically (recreation components). This project’s parent workshops focus on increasing parent engagement in the schools and providing education on relevant topics. In addition, adult English literacy classes are provided weekly for the parents.

The Forest Oak grant also includes a summer bridge program at Gaithersburg High School for graduating 8th grade students from Forest Oak. The four-week summer bridge program has a mathematics focus that will prepare students for success in high school Algebra.

All activities are designed without barriers that can impede equitable access or participation related to gender, race, national origin, language, or disability.  Activities are held in facilities that accommodate visually and physically challenged participants. These programs expand Identity’s strategic work in the area of middle school academic success.

For more information, please contact:

Michaela Aparicio at maparicio@identity-youth.org
Forest Oak Middle School

Ana Dudamel at adudamel@identity-youth.org
Montgomery Village and Neelsville Middle Schools