Part of the Identity family, then and now…

Over the years, a number of youth and parents who were once Identity clients have later become part of our staff.

For Hispanic Heritage Month 2021, we shared 15 stories of former clients who later joined our team.

We are very proud of each of these inspiring young people, and we thank them for sharing their personal stories.

The youth served by Identity’s programs have typically endured situations and setbacks early in life that many adults would find overwhelming. The stories featured here bring some of those challenges to life. They also demonstrate how eager and determined our youth can be to create a better future for themselves — and how much they can achieve when we provide support, guidance and opportunities.

“Identity never quits on me, or my children.”

In 2016, 18 young people who had dropped out of school earned their G.E.D. through Identity.

“I wonder where kids like me who don’t have their mothers or fathers here would be without Identity.”

“I finished 10th grade with a 4.0 GPA and there’s no stopping me now!”

“Identity opened my eyes to the possibilities of life.”

With support and encouragement from Identity, 13 young soccer players tried out for their high school team. The results are inspiring — on and off the field.

“I am eternally grateful to Identity.”